Nova Scotia Co-operative

With an already proven track record, this type of community cooperative has all the ingredients for success and creates a win/win potential with endless possibilities. The model has been used successfully as a tool for adaptive reuse of existing and vacant buildings, succession planning, and the purchasing of local profitable businesses when faced with closure as well as developing new businesses which are not currently operating in the local area.

The benefits are almost predictable, local businesses gain access to funding and new businesses are attracted to the area which creates more jobs and population growth. Local investors watch the impact and reap the rewards of their investments, which in turn creates loyal patronage in supporting these projects/businesses with more dollars remaining in the community.

The entire community begins to prosper and a renewed sense of vitality and pride are born. Possibly one of the best features to this type of opportunity is the investment dollars are RRSP (RESP & TFSA) eligible meaning you can invest your RRSP monies right back into your community.

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