Nova Scotia Co-operative

We are a Nova Scotia registered for profit co-op.  We abide by and operate under the Nova Scotia Co-operative Act.  We are among one of 300 other co-operative in Nova Scotia. 

Our principle address is in Sydney, Cape Breton Island.

As a co-operative we are dedicated to the 7 principles of co-operatives.  We are a member of the Canadian Workers Federation Co-operative and subscribe to the rules of the co-operative, one person one vote, democratically controlled. 

The Co-op is a multi-stakeholder co-op investing in communities not only in Atlantic Canada but all across Canada. Multi stakeholder cooperatives include different categories of members who all share a common interest in the cooperative organization. These different members can include clients, investors, employees and community organizations.

The co-op invests its member funds in small communities in a way that supports owners of businesses in the community, vital to the community and  who have not developed a succession plan. 

The objectives of the Co-op are to provide a loyalty benefits program, investment services, and other services and products to its members, shareholders and customers in accordance with the Articles, Bylaws and the Co-op Act.  To acquire businesses for the benefit of the members and shareholders of the Cooperative. To invest in new developments.